Yes, I am a complete idiot.  Some how, I got dust on my imaging sensor of my D50.  I thought it was lens issues, but with the help of the Nikon support site I was able to get  figure out a cheap and easy way to clean it.  I had 2 specs of dust on the low pass filter, but not anymore!

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It links to this page about being poor.  When you are a kid you don’t realize that you are in fact, poor.  I won’t lie and say that my childhood was hard, since my mother worked as hard as she could to make sure we had everything we needed.  Not everything we wanted, but the basics of food, shelter, love and education.

Of all the things on the list, the only one I disagree with is this one: Being poor is believing a GED actually makes a goddamned difference.

IT REALLY DOES MATTER.  Without a GED you can’t get into most community colleges, which can lead to a much improved lifestyle.  People laugh at community colleges, but the truth about education is that you only get out of it what you put into it.  I go to a community college, and around 90% of all my professors have at least 1 PHD in the fields they teach, if not more. I realize that not every community college is like that, but the one I found is great, and I plan on wrapping up my core classes very soon and moving back to a 4 year.  When I started attending college I went to a typical 4 year, and many of the teachers just didn’t give a shit about the class, or any of the students they teach.  They hated the school, the classes and the students and it shows in how they do the job at hand.
That is the one thing I see so many people that are struggling let slide.  Only with an education can people advance beyond their current status to a point that they can afford to get the premium mac and cheese, if they choose to do so.  I am thankful that my lovely wife has a great education, and she is working towards her masters degree.  I am working towards my B.S. in business administration with a minor in photography.  We both grew up poor, in different countries, but together we are realizing that with an education and drive nothing is impossible to achieve.

Don’t get me wrong, it sucks to budget every dime we get now, but we realize that once we are done with our respective educations, we can  look forward to a better future.