Bid to increase minimum wage nixed – Bid to increase minimum wage nixed

How odd, don’t you think?  They got a nice raise not too long ago….

What will it take for all the supply siders to realize that if people can’t afford to buy anything, the economy will end up in the shitter?  They trot out the fact that many jobs pay more than minimum wage, but not every single job does.  Many untrained and unskilled workers can’t get a better job that pays more than minimum wage, so they have no chance of raising their standard of living beyond subsistance living, with every penny of every check being spent before they get it.  And in many parts of the country employers keep wages low, and the people suffer because of it.  My hometown is like that, with a few jobs paying very well, but the majority make minimum wage or a few cents an hour more.  The companies all say that they need to be able to compete against China and India, but the bosses all have massive houses, drive nice imported cars and their wives go shopping in Dallas, New York and Los Angeles at least once a month.  Of course, they scream that they are going broke all the time, and give out 3 cent an hour raises once a year to the employees that work for them.

I say we overthrow this current government, strip the mega rich of the money they will never spend or use and give it to the people who need the money the most.  The single mothers working 2 jobs to keep food and clothes in her house. The parents that need to get their kids braces but their insurance won’t cover it.

I am not saying that everyone should just sit there with a hand out, but those who are willing to work should see some rewards for their efforts.