What would happen if….

What would happen if a person from 500 years ago was brought to the present times?  Would they be able to communicate?  What was written 500 years back in “plain” english would now be close to unintelligible to modern day “American English, and also “British English”.  And they would not understand our language for the most part, in my opinion.  Anyone care to add in what you think to this idea?

Gas prices up to record high

Survey: Gas prices up 2 cents to record high – Jul. 23, 2006

Good to know that adjusted for inflation, Sunday’s price remains 15 cents lower than what it was in March 1981.  As I was only 2 years old back then, and I needed to know that I had the highest gas prices ever to deal with at like a dollar something a gallon.  That fact alone makes me feel much better for paying over $3 a gallon now.

Now I just need to have some senator that is up for re-election telling me how if I used E85 in my car I would be not only helping farmers, but cutting Americas use of “foreign oil”, which as we all know, pollutes 3X as much as American oil, and puts American oil out of work.



I liked Rocky.  I also liked the sequels.  They were mildy entertaining, and gave me something to do for a couple of hours.  Sylvester Stalone is a decent actor.  He is a good writer too, and I think that this movie will be at least decent.  Better than 99% of the shit they call movies today.

Speaking of bad movies, what is the deal with movies about black people roller skating?

Need out of a coke conviction in a different country?

Orrin Hatch will hook you up.

CNN.com – GOP senator helped hip-hop producer dodge coke sentence – Jul 8, 2006

Amazing.  Simply amazing.  Somehow, a right wing drug hating republican senator from the whitest state in the union, Utah, got a black dude out of a 4 year prison sentance in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  How did this come about?  They both used the same entertainment lawyer in Atlanta GA.

How is that for hyprocrisy?