What would happen if….

What would happen if a person from 500 years ago was brought to the present times?  Would they be able to communicate?  What was written 500 years back in “plain” english would now be close to unintelligible to modern day “American English, and also “British English”.  And they would not understand our language for the most part, in my opinion.  Anyone care to add in what you think to this idea?

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  1. hmmm… 500 years? 1500…

    Middle of the enlightenment, i think most people spoke spanish, italian or latin… so finding a similar language would be easy. What would be difficult, would be the slang and the shock of the size and shape of earth… along with our ability to communicate.

    The biggest problem would be the medical changes. Germs we have, she doesn’t, diseases are crazy, and they would have no pre-made antibodies.

    Well, there is my 2.5 cents… maybe.

  2. Medical issues not withstanding, I still think that it would be almost impossible to communicate with the person from the past, and we would not know how to communicate with a person from 500 years into the future.

    The English language simply changes too much for a person to keep up on the changes all the time… Hence local dialects have developed. Even in England, the home of the English language there are people that technically “speak English” yet you still need a translator. India, Africa, America, Canada are all countries that speak English, but really, its “Engrish”..

    Nuff said.

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