August 2006

August 29, 2006: 6:10 pm: Post

Calculate Your Savings with Our Home VoIP Calculator

What the fuck are people spending on home telephone service?  I was paying $26/mo for just a dial tone from SBC.  On December 31 2004 I went to best buy and got vonage.  I was mainly getting it as a cheap wireless router for a different idea, but the vonage has been an astounding service.  For now $32 a month I get unlimited instate and out of state long distance, a local number, voicemail that can be sent to e-mail, caller ID, call waiting caller ID, call waiting, calls to Canada, Puerto Rico, Italy, France, Spain, UK and Ireland are all free, except to cell phones and premium numbers.  That is beyond cool.  Then I have 2 vitual numbers in Canada, so my wifes family can call her at no cost to them.  It all adds up to a great package at an awesome price
Sure it depends on my internet connection, but so does comcast digital voice, and every other “voip” service.  I have my modem and router and phone on a UPS, and I have set my computers to shut off if a power outage is detected, saving the battery for the phone service.  It said I had 62 minutes of run time for a massive computer, so I image the uptime for a cable modem, a router and the phone would be much longer than the service dispruption.  Add in cellphones and its easy to see why I dumped my landline well over a year ago.

August 24, 2006: 4:09 pm: Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb – News – Teacher Placed On Leave For Hanging Foreign Flags

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The Onion

Lawrence The T-1 Connection Guy Hit Of White-Collar Comedy Tour

OFFICE PARK, MD—This year’s White Collar Comedy Tour, the comic festival that “dots all the I’s while it crosses the business class,” is…

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YouTube – Talking to Americans CBC Special (PART 1) f/ Rick Mercer

Thanks to my eyes in sand for this.

August 16, 2006: 10:31 am: Post

Newsweek Video

Longwinded, yet funny

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Don't give this fatty any cash

Police: Man Claims To Be Undercover Cop

That guy doesn’t look like a cop.  He looks like a fat chump.  If he had asked me for cash to “complete an undercover operation” I would have laughed at him and made sure everyone knew he was a thief and then kicked his ass, maybe even let the dog loose on him…

Of course, someone once said there is a sucker born every minute…….

School starts in 1 week.  Summer, where did you go?

August 12, 2006: 1:01 pm: Post – News – AP: Administration Tried To Cut Anti-Terror Funding

August 10, 2006: 7:27 am: Post

Five Fat Girls Sought In Toledo Milk Heist – August 9, 2006

what else is there to add?  The guy claims he was robbed in a KFC parking lot by 5 fat chicks who stole a gallon of milk from him.  And his cell phone.  Classic

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