BP shuts largest U.S. oil field due to damaged pipeline – Aug. 7, 2006

BP shuts largest U.S. oil field due to damaged pipeline – Aug. 7, 2006

I guess there was not enough hurricanes this year to get gas prices up to $5 a gallon. So now they just straight up shut down the oil production to get the prices higher..

The shutdown could be the tipping point that push gasoline prices to a record high, said Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst at New Jersey-based Oil Price Information Service, noting prices are already close to record levels.

“Prices are likely to rise 3 to 5 cents a gallon for the next few days,”

he told CNN.The average price for a gallon of unleaded regular stood at $3.036 on Monday, according to the survey that Kloza’s firm conducts for AAA. The record high is $3.057, set Sept. 5, 2005, a week after Hurricane Katrina.

How nice of them isnt it? About a year later, there are far less # of hurricanes to naturally destroy the oil company property, so they just decided in the middle of the summer to shut off 8% of the USA production for an unknown timeframe.

And don’t expect members of either political party to do anything to resolve this type of issue since the major oil companies are the ones who pay them now.

Kiss fans “protest” outside Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

CNN.com – Kiss fans protest outside Rock Hall – Aug 5, 2006

We have a president that is tapping private phones randomly which draws very little protest. The same president invaded another country half way around the world, started a war and has failed to manage that crisis very well. He pissed off the entire planet and most of his own country.

And yet the most pressing issue for some people? A shitty glam rock band from the 1970’s has not been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Yet. So what do they do?

They dress up like members of said band and then protest in front of the Rock and Roll hall of Fame.

Dudes, give it up. You are just showing how tragic and washed up your life is when you dress up in basically drag and protest the unfair treatment of rich people that don’t really give a shit what you do.

Fucking idiots

I still don’t care.

I hate teenagers.  I hate babies.  I hate children.  I hate old people.  I hate people who think that the world should just fall over with amazement when they do basic things like oh say, pay bills, not fuck complete strangers in bars, etc….  I also hate people that don’t understand that I don’t give a shit.  When I say I don’t fucking care, I mean it.  I don’t give a fuck that some judge is going to allow a teenaged slut to have an abortion.  America doesn’t need anymore people.  Especially a child that will be brought up on welfare.  I don’t care that its legal for people to drink alcohol at *gasp* bars.  I don’t give a fuck that you also don’t give a fuck.  Don’t like the music playing on a radio?  Change the station or turn it off.  Don’t like whats on TV?  Stop watching.  Really simple steps people refuse to take, then bitch about how bad things are.

I have stopped caring.  All the people that are busy telling me what I should give a fuck about can go fuck themselves.   Starving people in Africa?  Don’t care.  Why don’t I care?  Its not affecting me.  Starving people in some 3rd world country?  Don’t care.  Not my problem.  High gas prices?  Don’t give a shit.  Don’t drive a 4 ton SUV then.  Pissed off at the long line?  Shop at times when it is not as busy.  Tired of being overweight?  Put the food down.  Can’t get laid?  Maybe its your personality.  Chicks usually aren’t interested in a dude that lives in a basement apartment with dirty plates all over the floor and ESPN on all the time.
Another thing I don’t want to hear about are childrens sports leagues.   I don’t give a shit what number they are, what position they play, etc.  I don’t care to hear about it.  I don’t want to carry on a conversation about it, nor would I be interested in listening to you talk to someone else about it on a cell phone.  Also, when on a cell phone, yelling is not required at all, since you could whisper and the phone could pick it up clearly.  Yelling into your phone will not help your situation if you don’t have reception.  And you are not a major player when you put your finger in the ear that the phone isn’t stuck to,  it just makes you look stupid.

And to the people who waste their breath trying to convert me, stop.  My time is valuable to me.  I have read the bible, and I don’t think it contains much truth.  I don’t want to “hand my life over” to someone that may or may not have really ever existed.  And christians need to stop acting like they are being persecuted whenever they don’t get what they want.  They act like they are a minority in the USA when something doesn’t go the way they want it, yet they also act like they are the only faith in the country when they do get what they want.  What if I believe that abortion, drugs and sex are the true way to enlightenment?  Does that make my beliefs any less valid than what christians believe?  No, it really doesn’t.

Fucking bullshit….