The coming election and gas prices

U.S. suspicious about gas prices – Oil & Energy –


Both are the same AP wire story…. Lame. 🙁

I myself find it very odd that even with “tight supplies” and “reduced capacity” and of course “emergency maintenance” which had to happen just a few days after forecasters said there was going to be a slower Atlantic hurrican season that for some unknown, mysterious reason gasoline prices, which were shaping up to be a major issue in the coming election, started to plummet.  Not just drop to 2.50 a gallon, but to below $2 a gallon.  Of course, the end of the summer reduces the demand for gasoline.  The price of a barrel of oil did not fall to match the drop in price of gasoline though.  Did it move lower?  Yes.  Did it drop as dramatically?  No.

Analysts and politicians are both saying that market forces are driving this drop in prices, not the government.

The same government that has been bending over backwards to hand out billions of dollars in tax cuts to giant oil companies.

Think, then think again.

Go vote.  And when voting, think 10 or 15 times about where you want to be in a couple of years.   I am sure that not many people imagined in 2000 and 2002 that we would be stuck in Iraq losing soldiers to a false war when they voted for a certain Republican president.