Whore told not to have any more kids or go to jail… So everyone is mad at the judge now…..

Good idea, and I applaud the judge. She is a criminal. What is the point of having courts and judges if they can’t impose a sentance onto someone? The bitch needs to shut her legs, shut up and stop being a whore.

ST. JOSEPH, MO. — A St. Joseph mother got probation after a guilty plea to forgery, hoping to avoid jail time. Her probation comes with an unusual condition.

Mandy Nelson, 26, has three little boys. When she entered a guilty plea, a Buchanan County judge told her to avoid violating probation and she could have no more babies out of wedlock.

Nelson’s forgery charge was her second conviction and faced 4-years behind bars. Buchanan County Judge Daniel Kellogg offered probation.

“Then we got to the probation conditions and he threw one out at me,” Nelson said laughing.

Besides having to get her GED, perform community service and pay restitution, the mother of three was told no more children out of wedlock.

“I was shocked. I was shocked,” Nelson said. “I never heard anything like this before.”

According to the Chairman of Probation and Parole for the Missouri Department of Corrections it’s an extremely rare special condition.

Nelson said no matter how you feel about her probation, it really doesn’t make a difference. She said after the birth of her third son, she made sure she wasn’t having any more kids.

“I’ve had my tubes tied and burnt,” Nelson said. “So there’s no way I can have a baby anymore.”

Nelson said she might have understood the condition if she had been charged with child abuse or neglect, but in this case she’s still wondering about the judge’s message.

“I think that’s what he was trying to say,” Nelson said. “She’s in here on a forgery case. She don’t need to have no more kids.”

Judge Daniel Kellogg said the sentence was common sense, after Nelson told him she was struggling financially. He says it’s wasn’t a moral judgement, just a way for Nelson to help her situation.

As for Nelson, she plans to get her GED and become a licensed nurse practitioner.

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