Friday, November 3rd, 2006

November 3, 2006: 7:22 pm: Post

Make me a sad panda.  And I am hearing them everywhere now, like they popped up overnight.  Its not sexy, its disgusting.  Who wants to listen to someone who sounds like they drank bleach, ate rusty nails and smoked 3 boxes of cigars?  I certainly don’t.

: 2:09 am: Post

YouTube – Kelly Ripa can’t drive.

: 2:05 am: Post

YouTube – The Kings of Myspace – Myspace Rap Video

Well, the fad is peaking now.  6-12 months people won’t even go to anymore, since it will be overloaded with hicks and nerds.

: 12:17 am: Post – News – Residents: Man Shoots Dogs, Gets Away With It

This is just beyond horrifying.

PETA!  Where are you!