Dogs, etc.

So I lost my dog a couple of months ago, and I miss her terribly. I have been working with the breeder I got her from, so I will get another GSD, and then my house will be a home again.

There is just something missing now without Asteria around.

Regardless, I have started working in training dogs beyond basic obedience training. Most dogs I have worked with have been owned by the same person, the breeder. He seems to keep it all under control, with only 1 litter of pups a year, and only in the spring. His dogs are smart, show no fear and are confident in their manners.

Now he has been trying to train another German Shepherd from a different breeder, which operates more like a puppy mill from what I am understanding.

The dog is cowardly, afraid and not confident.  It doesn’t respond well during agitation, and tries to hide rather than protect.  To help break this I stood against a wall and gave him almost no lead, so it was fight or fight for him.  That finally made him respond.

In all,

Don’t buy a dog from a puppy mill.

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