Windows Vista? Why?

Windows XP is probably the last version of Windows that I will ever pay for. As for Windows Vista, I have tried many different versions of the OS and have never really been happy with what it delivers.

I am making this post from my linux desktop. Suse 10.1 with KDE on an old P4 1.5Ghz with 1GB of RDRAM. I have decided that my next “new” computer will run Linux instead of MS. I have tried RH, Gentoo, Suse, slack, free BSD, and a few others that I just don’t remember the name of. Gentoo held great promise until it failed mysteriously in the night…And since I am not a Linux wizard AND I am lazy, I bitched out and went with Suse. If you want to blather to me in e-mail, web forums etc about how great Gentoo is, thats fine. I like the idea of the build and would really like to make it work.

Regardless of that fact I have come to the conclusion that while its a bit more work than Windows to maintain, once you get a few things down, its very easy to make the switch. Especially if your work involves being telnetted into a remote server and your local OS doesn’t mean squat, or a place that run Unix anyway. I say let MS feel the heat a little bit, they haven’t offered a big enough reason to be a paying beta customer, which is what anyone that uses a new MS OS for the first 2 years or first service pack. Even then, you could get a SP2 or 6.
Honestly the only thing people really get out of Vista is DirectX 10, big fucking deal. My still images won’t look any better with a DX10 over my current DX9 card.

If I were to have to choose between paying for a new OS or better equipment, I would rather buy a newer motherboard or something rather than pay for software that really isn’t ready.

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