Saddam is really dead, but that doesn’t mean anything

The fact that Saddam Hussein is now dead has little effect on the day to day violence that takes place in Iraq. We can’t leave Iraq a complete and total fucking mess, much like the USSR did in the 80’s with Afghanistan.

The chances of pulling anything out even remotely close to winning would be for us to

  1. Cut and run.
  2. declare a technical victory and cut and run.
  3. Nuke the shit out the place and everything in between Israel and Afghanistan, and then resettle the area with people of Jewish and Christian descent.

American cannot even claim a technical victory at this point, but I am sure our government is going to try and spin it as hard as they can. I think once we can get 3 days without a bomb going off in Baghdad street market, it will be assumed that we can start to bring troops home. I think they will put as many people over in Iraq as needed, to quell the insurgency just long enough for the 2008 election season.

The reason we are in the shape we are in now is the fact that we were too scared to question openly and productively about what we were being told every day. The fact that it can’t be openly discussed without raising tempers is proof that the plan worked perfectly. If their hadn’t been an insurgency that took root in Iraq, and a semi-smooth transfer of power took place in a timely manner the republicans would not be the minority party now. 2004 was closer than many people realize. Of course, all the political scandal didn’t help. And democrats are in the same boat as the republicans on that issue.

Now that we as citizens of America have to force the people we elect to represent us do something weird and foreign to many politicians today which is to actually represent the interests of the people who elected them to office. Will that happen? Maybe as a promise, but not in reality.

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