Rich famous asshole let of the hook again..

Chiefs DE Allen Sentenced To 2 Days In Jail – Sports

Kansas City defensive end Jared Allen will serve two days in jail for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The sentence came Wednesday after the defensive end pleaded no contest in Leawood Municipal Court. The judge then found him guilty of the charge.

Allen’s two-day stint will be at the Johnson County Jail. He also must spend two days in a lockdown treatment program and one day on house arrest. The case stemmed from a September stop in Leawood. It was Allen’s second DUI charge. In January, Allen was found guilty of DUI and sentenced to two days in jail after being stopped in Overland Park. He had been granted diversion to have that DUI charge dismissed, but an Overland Park municipal judge revoked the diversion after Allen was charged a second time.

So the guy gets busted for DUI a 2nd time, and gets a whopping 5 days of trouble.  I imagine if a non celebrity were to do this same act, they would be given months of prison time.  Stupid judge, stupid system….

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Fuck this shit. I think the paper said it best with this. Diamonds:She’ll pretty much have to.

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