Fuck KCK

So a few weeks ago I was out on a quick tour of the urban decay that is KCMO when I took the wrong exit and ended up in the shitty hell hole that is Kansas City Kansas.  Not wanting to be robbed or murdered, I felt it was of utmost importance to basically GTFO.   I was near the interstate exchange I needed to reach in order to reach safety when suddenly a car roars up behind me.  Feeling alarm, I decided to drop from fifth gear to third gear and accelerate to a higher speed.  Upon reaching a speed that safely outpaced the car, they accelerated yet again, this time nearly hitting me.  Then the car flips on some overhead lights indicating that they are in fact an officer of the law.  So the cop pulls me over, writes me a ticket.


I went to a lawyer, paid a few hundred in fees and fines and am done.


The moral of the story?  Fuck KCK.

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