I could do a better job at making DC Comic movies

At this point, I feel safe in saying that with absolutely no experience in making a major motion picture, I could safely do a better job than Warner Brothers and their current “movies” for DC comics. No cohesive plotline in any of the movies, just random DC characters showing up in a collection of segments of film from random projects. Ever what Batman V Superman – 2016? Oh boy, that was uh…confusing? For added confusion, get the extended version that is 3 hours long, the Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman and Wonder Woman all show up in the dreams of Bruce Wayne while he was decrypting files or something. I think.  So when Batman and Superman finally get to the big fight there is no reason, no drama, you know the who and why,

I mean really even with 3 hours of stuff on the screen, it makes absolutely no sense. All it did was make me dislike what Warner Brothers is doing to DC Comics.

Wonder Woman. Ok. Great movie. Why does she show up in Batman V Superman? Why not call the movie Superman and Batman are jealous of each other and oh yeah this is also the roll out for the Justice League Movie in a few years bee tee dubs The Movie.  There is NO reason for me to watch any of this trash, the stories suck, the guy who plays Superman literally doesn’t want to play the character, Ben Affleck is Batman and is quite terrible at it, they had Joker played by Jared Leto and well, that’s a whole different rant.




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