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A harley

Is just a large, shiny, loud vibrator for men (and some women).

I know they are all the rage to have, and if you have one, everything you do gains an aura of mystique, even though you may lead one of the most boring lives on planet earth. “Look at that badd ass!!! He is sure going places, I wonder what he is doing. Riding that domestic well marketed motorcycle sure makes him mysterious.”
But back to the virbrator part. A Harley does not have a smooth motor, at all. They are twin cylinder, gas powered man vibes. Most harley riders try to look tough enough to cook bacon before the package is open, yet I was camping last year and a few riders were at the campground also, and one guy took off his leather fingerless gloves and put on lotion, and the on his elbows. Then 4 guys crammed into one of the little KOA mini cabins and did not leave until morning. I just think that is a touch odd… No bed rolls, no sleeping bags, they just walked in and did not go outside until the next day. I wonder what they were doing in there. On second thought, no I don’t.

I see advertisements for a local harley dealership owned by a woman, and they tell you to “feel the power” in the ads. I wonder what power they are talking about. I certainly do feel sorry for any guy that eats out her snatch, since she rides a harley. I wonder if she can even obtain an orgasm from her clit anymore.

Other news: I did not get an award from the MCMA meeting this weekend in St. Louis. The paper I work on took 3rd in state, a few other writers on the paper got some awards and stuff. Had a good time in STL. Nice weather, free parking, good hotel room. Avoid the “Trainwreck” place by the Sheraton West Port. Awful food. Cheese tasted like rancid orange juice.