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I am tired of toxic masculinity.

As the title says, I’m just straight bored with it.  Toxic behaviors like…

  • binge drinking
  • binge eating
  • not exercising to the point of having type 2 diabetes by 30
  • being a gym rat
  • roid rager gym rats
  • Being a Chad
  • using drugs
  • manipulating women
  • viewing women as objects


The list could be much, much longer and more detailed, but that is all I could think of when I was inspired to update my blog for the 0 people that still read blogs.

I could do a better job at making DC Comic movies

At this point, I feel safe in saying that with absolutely no experience in making a major motion picture, I could safely do a better job than Warner Brothers and their current “movies” for DC comics. No cohesive plotline in any of the movies, just random DC characters showing up in a collection of segments of film from random projects. Ever what Batman V Superman – 2016? Oh boy, that was uh…confusing? For added confusion, get the extended version that is 3 hours long, the Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman and Wonder Woman all show up in the dreams of Bruce Wayne while he was decrypting files or something. I think.  So when Batman and Superman finally get to the big fight there is no reason, no drama, you know the who and why,

I mean really even with 3 hours of stuff on the screen, it makes absolutely no sense. All it did was make me dislike what Warner Brothers is doing to DC Comics.

Wonder Woman. Ok. Great movie. Why does she show up in Batman V Superman? Why not call the movie Superman and Batman are jealous of each other and oh yeah this is also the roll out for the Justice League Movie in a few years bee tee dubs The Movie.  There is NO reason for me to watch any of this trash, the stories suck, the guy who plays Superman literally doesn’t want to play the character, Ben Affleck is Batman and is quite terrible at it, they had Joker played by Jared Leto and well, that’s a whole different rant.




Fuck KCK

So a few weeks ago I was out on a quick tour of the urban decay that is KCMO when I took the wrong exit and ended up in the shitty hell hole that is Kansas City Kansas.  Not wanting to be robbed or murdered, I felt it was of utmost importance to basically GTFO.   I was near the interstate exchange I needed to reach in order to reach safety when suddenly a car roars up behind me.  Feeling alarm, I decided to drop from fifth gear to third gear and accelerate to a higher speed.  Upon reaching a speed that safely outpaced the car, they accelerated yet again, this time nearly hitting me.  Then the car flips on some overhead lights indicating that they are in fact an officer of the law.  So the cop pulls me over, writes me a ticket.


I went to a lawyer, paid a few hundred in fees and fines and am done.


The moral of the story?  Fuck KCK.

Open Letter to the American people


The link is to a PDF hosted by the New York Times.

The full text of the letter to the American people from the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Message of H.E. Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
President of the Islamic Republic of Iran
To the American People
In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
O, Almighty God, bestow upon humanity the perfect human being promised to all by You, and make us among his followers.
Noble Americans,

Were we not faced with the activities of the US administration in this part of the world and the negative ramifications of those activities on the daily lives of our peoples, coupled with the many wars and calamities caused by the US administration as well as the tragic consequences of US interference in other countries; Were the American people not God-fearing, truth-loving, and justice-seeking, while the US administration actively conceals the truth and impedes any objective portrayal of current realities; And if we did not share a common responsibility to promote and protect freedom and human dignity and integrity; Then, there would have been little urgency to have a dialogue with you. While Divine providence has placed Iran and the United States geographically far apart, we should be cognizant that human values and our common human spirit, which proclaim the dignity and exalted worth of all human beings, have brought our two great nations of Iran and the United States closer together.

Both our nations are God-fearing, truth-loving and justice-seeking, and both seek dignity, respect and perfection.
Both greatly value and readily embrace the promotion of human ideals such as compassion, empathy, respect for the rights of human beings, securing justice and equity, and defending the innocent and the weak against oppressors and bullies.

We are all inclined towards the good, and towards extending a helping hand to one another, particularly to those in need.
We all deplore injustice, the trampling of peoples’ rights and the intimidation and humiliation of human beings.
We all detest darkness, deceit, lies and distortion, and seek and admire salvation, enlightenment, sincerity and honesty.
The pure human essence of the two great nations of Iran and the United States testify to the veracity of these statements.
Noble Americans,

Our nation has always extended its hand of friendship to all other nations of the world.
Hundreds of thousands of my Iranian compatriots are living amongst you in friendship and peace, and are contributing positively to your society. Our people have been in contact with you over the past many years and have maintained these contacts despite the unnecessary restrictions of US authorities.
As mentioned, we have common concerns, face similar challenges, and are pained by the sufferings and afflictions in the world.
We, like you, are aggrieved by the ever-worsening pain and misery of the Palestinian people. Persistent aggressions by the Zionists are making life more and more difficult for the rightful owners of the land of Palestine. In broad daylight, in front of cameras and before the eyes of the world, they are bombarding innocent defenseless civilians, bulldozing houses, firing machine guns at students in the streets and alleys, and subjecting their families to endless grief.
No day goes by without a new crime.
Palestinian mothers, just like Iranian and American mothers, love their children, and are painfully bereaved by the imprisonment, wounding and murder of their children. What mother wouldn’t?

For 60 years, the Zionist regime has driven millions of the inhabitants of Palestine out of their homes. Many of these refugees have died in the Diaspora and in refugee camps. Their children have spent their youth in these camps and are aging while still in the hope of returning to homeland.

You know well that the US administration has persistently provided blind and blanket support to the Zionist regime, has emboldened it to continue its crimes, and has prevented the UN Security Council from condemning it.
Who can deny such broken promises and grave injustices towards humanity by the US administration?

Governments are there to serve their own people. No people wants to side with or support any oppressors. But regrettably, the US administration disregards even its own public opinion and remains in the forefront of supporting the trampling of the rights of the Palestinian people.
Let’s take a look at Iraq. Since the commencement of the US military presence in Iraq, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been killed, maimed or displaced. Terrorism in Iraq has grown exponentially. With the presence of the US military in Iraq, nothing has been done to rebuild the ruins, to restore the infrastructure or to alleviate poverty. The US Government used the pretext of the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but later it became clear that that was just a lie and a deception.
Although Saddam was overthrown and people are happy about his departure, the pain and suffering of the Iraqi people has persisted and has even been aggravated.

In Iraq, about one hundred and fifty thousand American soldiers, separated from their families and loved ones, are operating under the command of the current US administration. A substantial number of them have been killed or wounded and their presence in Iraq has tarnished the image of the American people and government.

Their mothers and relatives have, on numerous occasions, displayed their discontent with the presence of their sons and daughters in a land thousands of miles away from US shores. American soldiers often wonder why they have been sent to Iraq.
I consider it extremely unlikely that you, the American people, consent to the billions of dollars of annual expenditure from your treasury for this military misadventure.

Noble Americans,
You have heard that the US administration is kidnapping its presumed opponents from across the globe and arbitrarily holding them without trial or any international supervision in horrendous prisons that it has established in various
parts of the world. God knows who these detainees actually are, and what terrible fate awaits them.
You have certainly heard the sad stories of the Guantanamo and Abu-Ghraib prisons. The US administration attempts to justify them through its proclaimed “war on terror.” But every one knows that such behavior, in fact, offends global
public opinion, exacerbates resentment and thereby spreads terrorism, and tarnishes the US image and its credibility among nations.
The US administration’s illegal and immoral behavior is not even confined to outside its borders. You are witnessing daily that under the pretext of “the war on terror,” civil liberties in the United States are being increasingly curtailed. Even
the privacy of individuals is fast losing its meaning. Judicial due process and fundamental rights are trampled upon. Private phones are tapped, suspects are arbitrarily arrested, sometimes beaten in the streets, or even shot to death.
I have no doubt that the American people do not approve of this behavior and indeed deplore it.
The US administration does not accept accountability before any organization, institution or council. The US administration has undermined the credibility of international organizations, particularly the United Nations and its Security
Council. But, I do not intend to address all the challenges and calamities in this message.
The legitimacy, power and influence of a government do not emanate from its arsenals of tanks, fighter aircrafts, missiles or nuclear weapons. Legitimacy and influence reside in sound logic, quest for justice and compassion and empathy
for all humanity. The global position of the United States is in all probability weakened because the administration has continued to resort to force, to conceal the truth, and to mislead the American people about its policies and practices.
Undoubtedly, the American people are not satisfied with this behavior and they showed their discontent in the recent elections. I hope that in the wake of the mid-term elections, the administration of President Bush will have heard and will
heed the message of the American people.
My questions are the following:
Is there not a better approach to governance? Is it not possible to put wealth and power in the service of peace, stability, prosperity and the happiness of all peoples through a commitment to justice and respect for the rights of all nations, instead of aggression and war?
We all condemn terrorism, because its victims are the innocent. But, can terrorism be contained and eradicated through war, destruction and the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocents?
If that were possible, then why has the problem not been resolved? The sad experience of invading Iraq is before us all.
What has blind support for the Zionists by the US administration brought for the American people? It is regrettable that for the US administration, the interests of these occupiers supersedes the interests of the American people and of the
other nations of the world.
What have the Zionists done for the American people that the US administration considers itself obliged to blindly support these infamous aggressors? Is it not because they have imposed themselves on a substantial portion of the banking,
financial, cultural and media sectors?
I recommend that in a demonstration of respect for the American people and for humanity, the right of Palestinians to live in their own homeland should be recognized so that millions of Palestinian refugees can return to their homes and the future of all of Palestine and its form of government be determined in a referendum. This will benefit everyone.
Now that Iraq has a Constitution and an independent Assembly and Government, would it not be more beneficial to bring the US officers and soldiers home, and to spend the astronomical US military expenditures in Iraq for the welfare and
prosperity of the American people? As you know very well, many victims of Katrina continue to suffer, and countless Americans continue to live in poverty and homelessness.
I’d also like to say a word to the winners of the recent elections in the US:
The United States has had many administrations; some who have left a positive legacy, and others that are neither remembered fondly by the American people nor by other nations.
Now that you control an important branch of the US Government, you will also be held to account by the people and by history.

If the US Government meets the current domestic and external challenges with an approach based on truth and Justice, it can remedy some of the past afflictions and alleviate some of the global resentment and hatred of America. But
if the approach remains the same, it would not be unexpected that the American people would similarly reject the new electoral winners, although the recent elections, rather than reflecting a victory, in reality point to the failure of the
current administration’s policies. These issues had been extensively dealt with in my letter to President Bush earlier this year.
To sum up:
It is possible to govern based on an approach that is distinctly different from one of coercion, force and injustice.
It is possible to sincerely serve and promote common human values, and honesty and compassion.
It is possible to provide welfare and prosperity without tension, threats, imposition or war.
It is possible to lead the world towards the aspired perfection by adhering to unity, monotheism, morality and spirituality and drawing upon the teachings of the Divine Prophets.
Then, the American people, who are God-fearing and followers of Divine religions, will overcome every difficulty.
What I stated represents some of my anxieties and concerns. I am confident that you, the American people, will play an instrumental role in the establishment of justice and spirituality throughout the world. The promises of the Almighty and His prophets will certainly be realized, Justice and Truth will prevail and all nations will live a true life in a climate replete with love, compassion and fraternity.
The US governing establishment, the authorities and the powerful should not choose irreversible paths. As all prophets have taught us, injustice and transgression will eventually bring about decline and demise. Today, the path of
return to faith and spirituality is open and unimpeded. We should all heed the Divine Word of the Holy Qur’an:
“But those who repent, have faith and do good may receive Salvation. Your Lord, alone, creates and chooses as He will, and others have no part in His choice; Glorified is God and Exalted above any partners they ascribe to Him.”
I pray to the Almighty to bless the Iranian and American nations and indeed all nations of the world with dignity and success.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
President of the Islamic Republic of Iran
29 November 2006

How I really feel

[09:28:47] < mob> today is 09/11/06…. Yet I keep seeing “09/11/01 NEVER AGAIN” all over the place like we can travel back in time….of course it will never happen again, since time travel is impossible.

[09:29:03] < mob> I mean, fuck, its been like, 5 years….

[09:29:30] < mob> get over it.

[09:31:39] < mob> ./end rant

All 9/11 means to some people is that the USA got to go drop bombs on brown people.  And Haliburton got paid.  Just remember that Bush ignored the warning on the attacks…and that is a proven fact.  And don’t forget the mother fucker lied about Iraq too…

Bid to increase minimum wage nixed – Bid to increase minimum wage nixed

How odd, don’t you think?  They got a nice raise not too long ago….

What will it take for all the supply siders to realize that if people can’t afford to buy anything, the economy will end up in the shitter?  They trot out the fact that many jobs pay more than minimum wage, but not every single job does.  Many untrained and unskilled workers can’t get a better job that pays more than minimum wage, so they have no chance of raising their standard of living beyond subsistance living, with every penny of every check being spent before they get it.  And in many parts of the country employers keep wages low, and the people suffer because of it.  My hometown is like that, with a few jobs paying very well, but the majority make minimum wage or a few cents an hour more.  The companies all say that they need to be able to compete against China and India, but the bosses all have massive houses, drive nice imported cars and their wives go shopping in Dallas, New York and Los Angeles at least once a month.  Of course, they scream that they are going broke all the time, and give out 3 cent an hour raises once a year to the employees that work for them.

I say we overthrow this current government, strip the mega rich of the money they will never spend or use and give it to the people who need the money the most.  The single mothers working 2 jobs to keep food and clothes in her house. The parents that need to get their kids braces but their insurance won’t cover it.

I am not saying that everyone should just sit there with a hand out, but those who are willing to work should see some rewards for their efforts.

Satan, etc…

Today is not evil. Not even close. Here is why. On June 6th, 1906, the world didn’t end. Nor did it end on June 6th, 1806. So all this “the world will end” none sense is just simple minded people acting stupid. Surprise!

Have a good day everyone!

not working at work.

How many people aren’t working right now, even though they are at work? Since it is Saturday, many people in America probably aren’t working right now. But come Monday in the morning, they will be at desks, clicking their mice aimlessly, avoiding calls while leaving voicemails. They aren’t working, and the work they do complete is only done to make your work harder.

Spam chain letters are a great example of this. I have members of my family and friends who consistenly foward e-mails they get on to me. I don’t care about some experimental jet car, dogs that woke people up and saved them from fires, exploding battery packs, how if we all stopped buying gas we could make gas prices plummet overnight (which won’t happen), and all the other crap that the spam filter doesn’t catch.

Surveys. Great American time waster right there. Tell us what you think. Your results matter. Not really, since they need millions of replies usually. And then who does actual statistic work on the data, and what does it really prove?

Glittering graphics. What really pisses me off about glittering graphics are the stupid sayings people use with them, usually in ebonics. Yes, a 19 year old white girl in Nothern Minnesota is really a “pimpette” or “ghetto prinzezz”, at least on her myspace profile she is, or her friends make it for her. Also, TyPiNg LiKe ThIs Is JuSt PlAiN StUpId. Lay off the fonts, and remember the next piece.

Lay off the video players and music. Limit the use to these to somewhere between 0 and 1 per page, with only a song or a video, not both. Not 10 different videos and 9 songs all trying to load at once. I got 2GB of RAM in my system and it still slows down my system to have all those different players trying to load at all once.

Then there are the people who are just fucking clueless and braindead. Some people I have worked with have been so empty headed that I wonder how they can survive in the world today. No social skills, no personal life, clumsy, poorly dressed, cannot speak clearly or form basic sentences, cannot perform basic functions of jobs they were hired to do, but still work there, the list just on and on. Why do these people breed constantly? They always seems to find other people just like them, so the children they have are even more braindead and pathetic.

Hang up the cell phone and drive, and don’t slow down in the fast lane to talk on the phone either. The rest of the world does not need to slow down for you, but you seem to think it does, so you slow down in the fast lane and then proceed to help start rush hour traffic at 1PM instead of 3PM. Stop doing that shit, its fucking annoying. They have built the roads that wide for a reason. The through traffic on the left lanes, and the slower cars to the right. And when merging from an on ramp, the yeild sign is for you, not traffic on the interstate.

Don’t bitch at the gas pump. It is not my fault you bought the biggest SUV or truck on the market. I don’t care that it costs you so much to fill up either. The cost to fill my car gas tank up has increased also, so bitching to me about the high prices only shows how naive you really are. On top of that, I don’t give a fuck that you have to pay more, since usually they are putting it on a credit card anyway. Which is another retarded thing I am gonna complain about.

People who use credit cards for everything. Groceries, gas, eating out, you name it. Yes using a credit card for major purchases, or if you can pay for it at the end of the month is OK to do, but I have seen many people using credit cards for bottles of soda. Not bank cards, but actual credit cards. If you can’t afford to buy the gas with cash, you should not drive a vehicle that takes so much resources to operate. If you can’t afford the meal at McDonalds, don’t put it on a credit card. If you can’t afford the plastic crap from China at Wal-Mart, don’t pay with a credit card. Just say no. Save your money, pay down your debts and then worry about updating your home theater again later.

Alas, I am out of things to bitch about for now.