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Can Reese Witherspoon be beat?

With a lead pipe, a brick, a wire hanger, exetension cords, whatever it takes.

I have not seen any of the movies nominated this year for Oscars, and to be really honest, I don’t care to, except for one and it won’t win. Capote? Lame. Brokeback gay cowboys eating pudding, no thanks. Ang Lee only made that film becuase of how shitty The Incredible Hulk was. Crash, don’t care. Munich… Steven feels bad for dead bodies..

Good Night and Good Luck, however, is a film that needs to be played 10000000 times a day in history classes around America. It is true art, but sadly, it won’t win shit. Fags and car jackers are what will win today. Good thing I am going to be busy tonight.

When I was listening to Johnny Cash 5 years ago people called me a “redneck loser” “hick” “freak” etc…. Now the same people that had no problems slinging insults are suddenly experts on Johnny Cash and his music, but are still dickheads.

A land of snobs and jerks

I, The Digital Ruler, am in no way a good photographer. I can take 400-600 photos and only get 10-15 “good” shots. When I do get a “good” shot, I am happy with it, and I post it on DSLR Digital Imaging forum for everyone else to see.

I have recieved many good IM’s with great advice and tips, but then I also get just as many if not more shitty IM’s from “experts” that seem to think that everyone can afford a $3,000 camera body and then a $2,000 lens or 5, and that their rude comments are helpful. Well, guess what, the shitty comments aren’t helpful at all, and prove to me that outsiders aren’t welcome. I don’t care that you can spend your life traveling around and taking pictures of flowers and the sunrise. I can’t and even if I could do that, I would not be up at sunrise, and if I was awake at sunrise, it would only happen if I stayed up all night, and taking pictures would be the last thing on my mind.

In short, if you are DI forum reg and read this, tell the fuck faces that think their shit doesn’t stink since they have BMW and 50 grand worth of equipment that they can go fuck off. If you are one of the fuckfaces that send shitty IM’s, burn in hell, I am well aware that since I did not get a degree in photography that my pics are not the best in the world.

Schools, education, etc..

Public schools are designed to give a head start for the world in 1950. Anything after that and you are hosed. 20 years ago the message was “with a high school diploma you can go much further”. Then the standard was much lower, and you did not have to know too much to scrape by in the world. Granted you would not be making piles of money, but you could live a moderate life. Then about 10 years ago you started to need a 4 year degree for any job other than working at McDonalds or as a telemarketer. Which is vastly more education than most people have. Lets face it, most people that start college don’t finish. Some burn out after the 1st semester, and some are 1 class short of a degree. Anyway, if you want to make enough to feed yourself and keep a roof over your head today you need to make at least 20K a year. Minimum wage pays around 11K a year, so you need to make about $9.50 an hour in order to survive.

It is not like these changes have all happened over night. It has taken years for this situation to occur, and it will take much longer to get out of. Most public schools are just child warehouses, and not getting better at all anytime soon. Think I am crazy? I am not. My wife is a teacher at a public school. She is basically an expensive baby sitter. She has some students that care, but 3 out of 25 is not a great rate.

Then of course, she has to deal with the psycho parents, and that is never fun.

Then once the semi-retarded children get to “college” they fucking flunk out, unless they play “ball”.

Which a whole other subjet for another time anyway.


For the past 2 weeks, I have had problems connecting to the internet. Various times of day, various problems. Some where easy to resolve, like rebooting my router so I could pull an IP address. Others, I could not solve, like no upstream sync from Concrap. Of course, when you call into complain, they have no problems on their side. Then you run through the script of reboot the modem, reboot your computer, blah blah blah. I worked for Gateway for 2 years in tech support, and often dealt with GE, Air Force, Army and Navy accounts, but when I call into Cuntcast I am dumber than a bag of hammers. Once they realized that they are having the problems, then I get put on hold, and then they say they will send a tech out, even when it is a node issue that a line worker will have to come out and repair, since a “tech” just checks your signals and fills out a ticket for a line worker to fix the real problem, if the problem is not at the head end. On DSLR, if you post a negative review of Cumcatcher I mean Comcast, they send in drones to your review who challenge what you have to say about Comcast, and these people have never had problems at all, and the problem is of course my PC. Some of the brighter ones IM me, telling me what I need to do to fix the issue. Thanks, I needed a member of the DSLR brain trust to tell me to reboot my router:roll:. Fucking morons, I have stated in my review that if I could leave Comcast to DSL, I would do so. I don’t need you to tell me that I never signed a long term contract and to leave Comcast. Perhaps I put up a negative review since I have have frequent problems with my connection. Perhaps that is why they have the “Unhappy Campers” category to begin with eh? Not to say that all comcast employees are complete retards. In fact, most are good at what they do, and the local techs are very, very bright around here, and if they can fix the problem, they do. Of course, they are just cogs in the machine that make up Comcast. Some are better than others, while some are stripped bare, and still yet others where machined wrong to begin with and should have never been put into the machine. I just seem to get the wrong cog when I call in.

I was thinking, and that often leads to problems

“Pro-life” actually means pro death, since they want every child to be born, no matter how shitty and short its life may be.  If it survives to 18 then it can go die in a war, started by the same people who voted to make sure that it could not be saved from a lifetime of pain and suffering.  Instead it gets to go fight the modern crusades, and if it happens to be injured, the same people who voted to save its life to send it off to war will make sure that they don’t get taken care of when they get back home.

That is a harsh, mean and cruel way to look at it.  But that is what I feel makes it honest.  I would rather see a woman have an abortion than bring a child into the world that will be abused, ignored, plain old fucked up from all the drugs the mom does while she is pregnant, or ends up dead at age 3 from a combination of any of the items I listed before.  That is the true tragedy.  Then nobody wins.

What has happened to

Good looking women in porno movies? Lately the only things I have been seeing are skanks. Stretch marks, horrible makeup and bad hair, and that is just the ugly, ugly pussies. And then add in flabby asses, small tits and bad teeth and it makes porn hard to watch. I want to see good looking women take large cocks in all holes, not some chick that looks like she just got kicked out of a homeless shelter for drinking rubbing alcohol and fruit punch mixed with lighter fluid in order to clean her remaining teeth and get a buzz. One movie I watched forgot to take the crack pipe out of the scene, and they changed camera angels and suddenly you saw a crack pipe sitting there with some rocks and a lighter. Not cool. I think pot is OK, but a crack whore is not something I wanted to pay to see get fucked. If I wanted to see that I would just go to the ghetto and walk around in the projects.
Good hair, nice body, large firm breasts and a great looking ass it what I like. I go to the movie shop and I see all these great looking chicks on the covers, and then I see the back cover, and its a whole different story. Sure, the hot chick might be in a scene, maybe two, but the rest is just filler with D level porno stars. I am on porno strike right now, and will be until I start to see good looking women in movies, not homeless drug addict skanks.

I guess this all comes from the fact that now anyone can be in porno, since it just takes a DVD burner, some software and a decent PC and video camera and the willingness to take cock up your ass and let others see it. Sure, some decent stuff is made this way, but the vast majority of it is pretty gross, with fat rolls, hairy crotches and purple genitals. And the guys are not much better, in fact some are fatter than the women and they try to hold the camera and shoot down, but have to hold the camera out to get a shot of the action since their stomachs are too fat and block the shot.  And a birds eye view of another guy stroking off is not what I want to watch.  It is just fucking sick to watch.

Last post of 2005.

2005 has been a year of ups and downs, with many good memories, and just as many bad memories.  I celebrated my first year of marriage, I went back to college full time, my brother graduated from college and so did my sister.  I also fucked my student loans up, so by the time I get my sophomore loans I will be a junior.  Makes for tight budgeting, but it also makes it so I don’t have to pay back as much.  I guess I could borrow more, but I don’t want to have to pay it back later, so I will just borrow the smallest amount needed to pay for my classes and books.

This year also saw the tragic wreck of Arnie while racing, but thankfully he survived and is doing great.  He truly is a survivor.  From being airlifted by helicopter on July 2, to walking out of the hospital eighteen days later, he showed that nothing is too much to walk away from.  He probably won’t race this next season, but I am sure he will be back for 2007.  Better watch your ass, Mr. Lewis, next year you won’t win the championship simply because you ride for the sponsor of the track.

Summer also held a surprise storm, that did much to show that the current administration does not fucking care about its citizens.  Not that I care that much either, but it opened up many eyes.

Technology crept forward, and gas prices skyrocketed.  Now its cool to own a gas sipper, not a H2 with giant rims lifted 6 feet in the air.  Some people still drive them, but soon they will be crushed by the looming gas price spike

My prediction for gas costs in 2006: It will hit $8 a gallon after storms in the Gulf, and settle around $3.75 finally.


Digital Ruler

University of Michigan bans Coca-Cola sales

University of Michigan bans Coca-Cola sales

Lets just file this under “who cares”. Its not like the fuckers will really change anything by doing this. Fuck them for being such pricks. I don’t see any of these ultra sensitive emo fuckers not wearing clothes made in china or india, but I do hear them bitch about how the workers that made the clothes are exploited. Then the same people who decry the massive companies and go on endlessly about how bad they are hop into their SUV’s and turn up Death Cab for Cutie and rock out while they chat on their cell phones with other stupid people in SUV’s who are also listening to shitty Emo rock.

Also, if the sole point of a cell phone call is to repeat “I love you” endlessly while talking in gibberish, its not worth talking about. There is nothing that I hate more than when I am waiting in line at the cafeteria at shcool and some dipshit decides to hold up the line for the cashier and tell his girlfriend who is sitting at a table 30 feet away that he love her with all his heart for 5 minutes, turning in circles.
If you think this does not happen, it has started happening so much at my school that I want to put a big sign up that tells people to shut up and walk. It never ceases to amaze me that people can’t walk and talk at the same time. Its not like its a hard action to complete, and amazingly enough, some people cannot complete this task. I have found a quick way to get them to move. I simply tell them that they are acting like democrats when they obsturct the way of freedom. 🙄 That always gets them out of my way.

Don’t like this? I don’t care. Fuck you.