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Half of abortions are repeats for women

Half of abortions are repeats for women – Women’s Health –

“The ‘wall of separation’ that the federal government has erected between family planning and abortion services is, paradoxically, leading to more abortions,” said Sharon Camp, the Institute’s president and chief executive officer.

“This suggests that we need to do a better job helping all women better prevent unwanted pregnancies, so they can avoid having to decide whether to seek abortions or raise children they are not prepared for,” said Rachel Jones, a senior research associate who helped lead the study.

I think this proves that stupidity is painful.

Anti-Gay Church Protests In St. Joseph, MO. Christians should be ashamed of this man.

Anti-Gay Church Protests In St. Joseph

I see the wonderful Fred Phelps is at it yet again. He is everything that real christians should be. Judgemental, mean, disrespectful, and always making sure that you know god hates you. Not sin, not evil. You. You are the root of all evil, since you don’t love god as much as that nutty mother fucker.

Of course, if you do research on him, he is a disgraced lawyer, disbarred many years ago. His church has around 20 members, and they are mostly his family members. Of course, he is not a racist, just a raging homophobe.  His children were all lawyers also, but most of the lawsuits and work they do is on behalf of the church their fucking nut bag father founded.

I don’t support the war in Iraq, but I have a brother in the service.  If he died in the line of duty and they showed up, I don’t know what I would do.  I think the IRS needs to revoke the churchs’ tax exempt status, and the FBI needs to investigate them as domestic terrorists.

Congress calls hearing on ‘deeply flawed’ BCS

Congress calls hearing on ‘deeply flawed’ BCS

Here is a another article on it.
More like Congress is some deep BS……

With the terrorism threat no longer top priority, the federal “budget” taken care of and all other problems taken care of in America, and Iraq is going just fucking perfectly awesomely swell and great, now Congress is again getting involved in shit they don’t need to be in. Terry “oatmeal brain” Schiavo, MLB steriod use, and just about anything else they take the time to remove their noses from the bible and look elsewhere. Now this latest case just goes to prove that most congressmen are retarded, and a lump of shit or a paper towel tube could probably do a better job.

I just can’t believe that my tax dollars are wasted on this stupid shit.