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Holy shit

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I would have to say that most sequels are often horrible.  However, there is a sequel that doesn’t suck.

Click here

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Internet Commenter Business Meeting – CollegeHumor video

June 16, 2007: 2:57 pm: Post

For 2005….

Somehow with computers racing ahead in raw power almost daily, we still have almost 3 year old data to work with!

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Bush warns he’ll use veto power to rein in spending –

When Republicants ran the show in DC, they constantly larded legislation with pet projects for the mouth breathers back home. Now they are the ones forcing Democrats to be more open about Congress’ pork barrel ways.


This smacks of hypocrisy, big time.  From September 11th, 2001 on, our government has run deficit spending non stop.  Iraq is the biggest money pit we have right now.  Without that, our nation might be able to say protect the borders, fix a failing infrastructure, fund education completely, etc.

Call me crazy, but if the majority can’t do it, the minority can’t either.

June 9, 2007: 9:32 pm: Post

That one chick, with the name of a city in France.  And the last name of a hotel.  Why is it national news?  Its local at best.  Shame on you America.

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fish: Good ass new

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Religious right launches rival to ‘un-American’ Wikipedia

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