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These people are total fucks. Rapists and other scum go in this category.

I hate shitty music.

I hate Fred Durst.

Fred Durst, you have done much to make music not worth listening to. I equate your music talent to that of Rick Dees. Which is pretty damn sorry. All Fred does is whine about how bad his life is. People seem to eat that shit up, for reasons unknown to me. I just think that all these children today seem to think they have the best music ever, when in fact it is some of the worst. I thought 70’s disco was rock bottom until I heard Limp Dickkiss, with Fred on vocals. Faith. Wow, a gay song, done heavy metal. Wow! What talent. I think a dog leaves more talent on the grass than fred durst has ever dreamed of having. Of course, without idiots buying his shitty music he would just be another balding fat chump with waaaaaay too much body hair and some shitty tats. But those tats make sure you know exactly how fucking hard motherfucking core he is. And his piercings. Can’t forget those. He is so underground its a miracle we can see him. And why does he always have a hat on? Afraid to show the teens what a fat balding man in his 30’s really looks like? Hooray! You banged a skank! Congrats! Well done fred, you slept with a woman who would have slept with anyone else, you just happened to be there. High Score! Never mind the slut would have slept with a drunk homeless guy.

The Truth is out!