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January 1, 2006: 11:19 pm: Comedy relief, Internet stuff


Better than Jay Walking. Best Clip EVER! If I had money, I would pull pranks like this all the time at my college.

December 31, 2005: 1:04 pm: Good News Everyone., Internet stuff

WordPress Development Blog › WordPress 2

And now, you can update from 1.5.2 to 2.0

Seems smooth so far. Not many big changes, but I like what I have seen so far. I might even allow people to register in the near future.

December 30, 2005: 5:20 pm: Bitching and Moaning, Daily Dread, fuck off, I am gonna kill someone, Internet stuff

University of Michigan bans Coca-Cola sales

Lets just file this under “who cares”. Its not like the fuckers will really change anything by doing this. Fuck them for being such pricks. I don’t see any of these ultra sensitive emo fuckers not wearing clothes made in china or india, but I do hear them bitch about how the workers that made the clothes are exploited. Then the same people who decry the massive companies and go on endlessly about how bad they are hop into their SUV’s and turn up Death Cab for Cutie and rock out while they chat on their cell phones with other stupid people in SUV’s who are also listening to shitty Emo rock.

Also, if the sole point of a cell phone call is to repeat “I love you” endlessly while talking in gibberish, its not worth talking about. There is nothing that I hate more than when I am waiting in line at the cafeteria at shcool and some dipshit decides to hold up the line for the cashier and tell his girlfriend who is sitting at a table 30 feet away that he love her with all his heart for 5 minutes, turning in circles.
If you think this does not happen, it has started happening so much at my school that I want to put a big sign up that tells people to shut up and walk. It never ceases to amaze me that people can’t walk and talk at the same time. Its not like its a hard action to complete, and amazingly enough, some people cannot complete this task. I have found a quick way to get them to move. I simply tell them that they are acting like democrats when they obsturct the way of freedom. 🙄 That always gets them out of my way.

Don’t like this? I don’t care. Fuck you.

: 5:07 pm: Comedy relief, Internet stuff

Potential jurors in Tenn. case have own troubles

This is the best news report ever. Hands down. I cannot believe that I had missed it.

December 28, 2005: 11:23 pm: Fucks that need to die, Internet stuff

W.Va. Police Chief Faces Incest, Sex Abuse Charges

Now this is some sick news.

December 27, 2005: 11:24 am: Internet stuff

The Word Spy – The Top 100

Interesting site.

Check it out.

December 22, 2005: 5:23 am: Bitching and Moaning, Daily Dread, Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb, Internet stuff

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus. He’s on the Phone. – New York Times

Parents that tell their child that Santa is real are doing no favors to their child. Same with parents who tell their kids about the “easter bunny”.

December 21, 2005: 11:57 pm: Good News Everyone., Internet stuff

Since I was given a 35mm camera for X-mas, I have decided to set up this new gallery. As I get more non crap shots, I will scan and post them.

Let me know what you think. I have started with black and white film, but I decided to splurge on the color film and got the Kodak HD film and gave it a whirl.

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