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Saddam is really dead, but that doesn’t mean anything

The fact that Saddam Hussein is now dead has little effect on the day to day violence that takes place in Iraq. We can’t leave Iraq a complete and total fucking mess, much like the USSR did in the 80’s with Afghanistan.

The chances of pulling anything out even remotely close to winning would be for us to

  1. Cut and run.
  2. declare a technical victory and cut and run.
  3. Nuke the shit out the place and everything in between Israel and Afghanistan, and then resettle the area with people of Jewish and Christian descent.

American cannot even claim a technical victory at this point, but I am sure our government is going to try and spin it as hard as they can. I think once we can get 3 days without a bomb going off in Baghdad street market, it will be assumed that we can start to bring troops home. I think they will put as many people over in Iraq as needed, to quell the insurgency just long enough for the 2008 election season.

The reason we are in the shape we are in now is the fact that we were too scared to question openly and productively about what we were being told every day. The fact that it can’t be openly discussed without raising tempers is proof that the plan worked perfectly. If their hadn’t been an insurgency that took root in Iraq, and a semi-smooth transfer of power took place in a timely manner the republicans would not be the minority party now. 2004 was closer than many people realize. Of course, all the political scandal didn’t help. And democrats are in the same boat as the republicans on that issue.

Now that we as citizens of America have to force the people we elect to represent us do something weird and foreign to many politicians today which is to actually represent the interests of the people who elected them to office. Will that happen? Maybe as a promise, but not in reality.

Redneck clownshoes

If you are a combo of redneck and metro sexual, this is for you. Don’t primp and preen a truck that advertises a lifestyle of constantly being off-road and one of being a cowboy when the most off road driving your giant SUV/truck/whatever will see is when you drive over the curb at McDonald’s to get to the drive through faster. Drop the “cowboy up” crap too. Its been overused and screams “behind the times” without you ever having to say a word. Having a cellphone won’t save you either, even if it has bluetooth and all the bells and whistles.
Lets clear the air here also and say that the hanging metal scrotum casting on the trailer hitch needs to be put away too. I certainly don’t give a shit about how fucked up your life is if you based your manhood and identity on the vehicle you drive and your assumed reception of the image projected. Its childish at best, and utterly ridiculous otherwise.  And besides, it takes a real man to pile into a tiny car and drive like a banshee…
Don’t grunt, try to use words when attempting to communicate with other humans.  Jesus kills puppies and kittens when you grunt rather than use a known language.
The civil war in America ended over 140 years ago, so please drop the “Rebel Pride”  facade, its cheesy and worn out.  I don’t fucking care if your ancestors fought in the civil war…Judging many people around here, I would assume they probably fought for the losing side.  Its pointless to get angry about a war that happened over a century before your birth.  Unless you invent a time machine to alter history, get over it and drop the subject.

When you smoke, use the fucking ashtray in your car and don’t throw the butts out the window.

How I really feel

[09:28:47] < mob> today is 09/11/06…. Yet I keep seeing “09/11/01 NEVER AGAIN” all over the place like we can travel back in time….of course it will never happen again, since time travel is impossible.

[09:29:03] < mob> I mean, fuck, its been like, 5 years….

[09:29:30] < mob> get over it.

[09:31:39] < mob> ./end rant

All 9/11 means to some people is that the USA got to go drop bombs on brown people.  And Haliburton got paid.  Just remember that Bush ignored the warning on the attacks…and that is a proven fact.  And don’t forget the mother fucker lied about Iraq too…

I still don’t care.

I hate teenagers.  I hate babies.  I hate children.  I hate old people.  I hate people who think that the world should just fall over with amazement when they do basic things like oh say, pay bills, not fuck complete strangers in bars, etc….  I also hate people that don’t understand that I don’t give a shit.  When I say I don’t fucking care, I mean it.  I don’t give a fuck that some judge is going to allow a teenaged slut to have an abortion.  America doesn’t need anymore people.  Especially a child that will be brought up on welfare.  I don’t care that its legal for people to drink alcohol at *gasp* bars.  I don’t give a fuck that you also don’t give a fuck.  Don’t like the music playing on a radio?  Change the station or turn it off.  Don’t like whats on TV?  Stop watching.  Really simple steps people refuse to take, then bitch about how bad things are.

I have stopped caring.  All the people that are busy telling me what I should give a fuck about can go fuck themselves.   Starving people in Africa?  Don’t care.  Why don’t I care?  Its not affecting me.  Starving people in some 3rd world country?  Don’t care.  Not my problem.  High gas prices?  Don’t give a shit.  Don’t drive a 4 ton SUV then.  Pissed off at the long line?  Shop at times when it is not as busy.  Tired of being overweight?  Put the food down.  Can’t get laid?  Maybe its your personality.  Chicks usually aren’t interested in a dude that lives in a basement apartment with dirty plates all over the floor and ESPN on all the time.
Another thing I don’t want to hear about are childrens sports leagues.   I don’t give a shit what number they are, what position they play, etc.  I don’t care to hear about it.  I don’t want to carry on a conversation about it, nor would I be interested in listening to you talk to someone else about it on a cell phone.  Also, when on a cell phone, yelling is not required at all, since you could whisper and the phone could pick it up clearly.  Yelling into your phone will not help your situation if you don’t have reception.  And you are not a major player when you put your finger in the ear that the phone isn’t stuck to,  it just makes you look stupid.

And to the people who waste their breath trying to convert me, stop.  My time is valuable to me.  I have read the bible, and I don’t think it contains much truth.  I don’t want to “hand my life over” to someone that may or may not have really ever existed.  And christians need to stop acting like they are being persecuted whenever they don’t get what they want.  They act like they are a minority in the USA when something doesn’t go the way they want it, yet they also act like they are the only faith in the country when they do get what they want.  What if I believe that abortion, drugs and sex are the true way to enlightenment?  Does that make my beliefs any less valid than what christians believe?  No, it really doesn’t.

Fucking bullshit….

Super bitches – News Archive – Two Cat Killers Head To Jail
I missed this the other day, but I think it needs to be covered. They killed several cats since the cats were not nice, and were wild. What a couple of douche bags. I hope they get the shit kicked out them in prison. Of course, they could have called animal control, who would have come out and taken the cats for free. But no, they had to mutilate the cats in a drunken frenzy, in the middle of the night.
Another report on the dynamic dumbasses….

And you can read about how they pleaded with the judge for no prison time. Funny, they don’t want to be punished for committing a crime.

More on 2.duh

If I make a webpage that looks really smooth and well designed with fancy graphics and soft colors, then it seems to be web 2.0, even if I used badly coded HTML.

However, if I make a page that is chunky, looks like a hick designed it in 1996 when they first recieved an “AOL INTERNETS” cd or floppy diskette in the mail, then it is most assuredly NOT web 2.0, even if both pages have the exact same information.

My music did not become Music 2.0 when I loaded it onto my iPod, nor did my computer become PC 2.0 when I put in new hard drives.

Myspace is not web 2.0, its just a bunch of kids trying to impress each other. No different than what angelfire, geocities or theglobe or any other “social” site was 10 years ago. “But Myspace is so cool, it lets you do so much.” O Rly? The way I see it, myspace is pretty lame. I guess if you like to see fake sparkle graphics on phrases such as “PImpette” or “2 hottie 4 U.” then yes, it allows you to do so much. If you want to go to a video site and add an annoying EMO band video to your page, then yes, is the place for you. If you want to have “friends” by the dozen, yeah, it again will work for you. But I don’t think that having a shitty myspace page will help you get a job any time soon, in fact, it might just be a hinderance. No, it will be a hinderance.

yahoo 360, flickr, flock,gmail,yadda yadda yadaa, myspace, livejournal, facebook, etc., are NOT web 2.0

Gigabit fiber in every home is web 2.0.

Everything else is just updated eye-candy content.

“But we can share our information so easy, it has to be web 2.0”

No, it is not. Try again fucker. It has just been made easier for retards like you to use it, information was easy to share before people started posting bad pictures of each other in bars trying to be cool.

I am going grocery shopping when the superbowl starts, so I can shop in peace.

Myspace can suck poop outta my poop chute. is a festering pit of moronic blather. It’s hailed by some as the best place on the net, if you like dumb looking “glitter” graphics and to look at pics of post high school sluts pretending to be the coolest thing ever since they can post pictures of them drinking and trying to be sexy. Fat rolls aren’t sexy, bitches. And the guys are just as bad, if not worse. Some try to be sensitive new age bitches, while others try to be fucking OG’s. And then other guys try to be fucking heavy metal psuedo bad ass mofos with serious looks and profile shots of tatoos on their arms and necks. Good luck getting a job that pays more than 8 bucks an hour with that tatoo going up the side of your face! But even then you will not be prepared for the bomb I am about to drop on your world.
The Big Berk!

Nice acne, douchebag.

The Big Berk is a pussy, a baller, a rocker, a G, a pimp, sensitive guy, and everything else you can imagine or manipulate him into being. He lists “money” as one of his interests. He also breeds dogs, and hangs out with girls that are almost 10 years younger than he is. While this fact makes some guys studs and players, I imagine this guys game is to be senstive and try to play the loveable chump to try and get some pussy. He bitches about how girls always dump him for “jerks” and then have babies with them. Duh! I dare to imagine that the women are desperate enough to get away from you that spousal abuse(while not cool), is an improvement over dating a fat chump like Big Berk. Add to that he lives in Maryland (the Oklahoma, Arkansas, Iowa,Mississippi and New Mexico of the East Coast) and you can see why I pick on him so much.
Another thing that pisses me off about myspace are the music and video players, and how poorly they are integrated into the site. I use FF 1.5, with a plug in that blocks media files from playing unless I allow them. So when I go to a myspace page to see just how stupid some people are, I get this assult of a black box that pops up and trys to play a shitty emo song or video since they could not figure out how to use the EMBED tag so they just put a link to it with Javascript that fowards you to the file. Works great in IE, but sorry FF and other browser users. I don’t want to be annoyed by your shitty music, I just want to see your stupid pics, maybe steal some and post them here and make fun of you, but that is about it. I don’t care about you. In fact, I more than likely would hate you in real life. I hate most people I meet, and high school aged kids trying to be grown up piss me off so much it is not even funny. So what if your parents sent you to Florida for your spring break. Good for them, they more than likely put it on a high interest credit card. I never got a spring break, or a prom, or homecoming or anything like that since I was expelled from high school (Long story). Ergo, I don’t give a shit about what people do for a week in march. I don’t give a flying fuck that you plan on being a star, since you won’t. You might be a local celebrity at a bar, but that is about it. I know that all of the people just go there like sheep, so I don’t blame them for being on, I just blame their parents for being too drunk to use a condom and then not aborting their “love child”.

That is all….For now.